My New Favorite Thing

Sorry, couldn’t help it. I’m so in love with my newest cards! They’re available for custom printing in my etsy shop and this color combo is available at Iconi Interiors. Yup, that’s right, just tonight I dropped off a whole mess of cards at Coni’s and they should be on display soon. Go check ’em out!


I have been in love with Rebecca of Sown‘s work for a long time. But, because she just can’t seem to keep anything in her shop (she sells out all the time!) I haven’t been able to feature her. She recently stocked up again, so hurry up and check them out!

Rebecca makes the coolest pillows from vintage feed bags and the occasional modern printed fabric. You all know I’m a typography nut so I especially love the ones with writing on them, but the color choice and modern composition makes each one a gem.

In honor of Kenley

So, I’m addicted to Project Runway. And although Season 5 wrapped last week, I still try to catch the reruns when I can. And, I know no one actually liked Kenley, but no one can deny that the girl had serious personal style. So in the spirit of Kenley’s style, I give you my new favorite accessory: The Feather Headband.

Vie Moderne headbands
VieModerne headbands

The ones above are from VieModern out of Cali, and the one below is by A Farmer’s Daughter from Vancouver. They’re sweeping the continent, people!

Polka Dottie Wide Headband
Polka Dottie Wide Headband

Gift tags galore!

Lately when I’m printing a run of cards or prints, I’ve been trying to stretch my ink and paper scraps a bit farther (I recently figured out just how much money I’ve spent on this venture and it scared me!) so I’ve started making gift tags. It’s great because now everyone can have a little taste of a limited edition piece or a custom order (the purple ornaments were ordered as a custom printing for my sister) and I’m doing something worthwhile with the extra paper that I can’t bear to throw away. I’ll be including a couple tags in each order from now until the holidays (or until I run out). Hope you enjoy!

622 press gift tags