Honey, I’m home!

DSCF0197The press is here! In my house! Everyone say it with me, “FINALLY!” My parents loaded up the back of the truck one (last, maybe?) time and hauled the press, one type cabinet and supplies down here a week ago. I spent the day setting up and was printing by Sunday night! I’m really pleased with my new workspace—the smaller of the two bedrooms in the old part of the house, you’re welcome, Mike—it’s big windows and fresh coat of paint make it such a bright place to work. I’m still figuring out the best arrangement for all the furniture in my tiny room, but here’s how I’ve got it worked out right now!

DSCF0199It took me much much more time than it should have to get those shelves level, but I fit all of the cuts I currently have in rotation! Paper storage in the clean white shelves, type cabinet is just to the left of the frame of the picture.