noun \ˈkraft-ə-ˈfrē-nē-ə\
The rapid creation of goods requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill

Yup, I’m making up words now. Apologies all around.

Have you ever been on one of those kicks where you just consume things? Books, levels on a video game, whatever—this winter I’ve been that way with crafts. You’ve already seen the felt flowers, but little did you know there’s also crochet (hats and plush pumpkins, yup, you read correctly, you’ll see them in the fall), painting, embroidery, various other fiber arts… I’ll binge for a week or two and move on to the next thing.

Since my house can’t seem to hold them all, I decided to give my other etsy shop (now lovingly called six twenty-two 2.0) a little revamp and start selling the fruits of these various pursuits. Just a few things up right now, more to come, enjoy!

Pinned Down

What a brilliant way to repurpose a common object! Growing up with a mom who sewed, the bright yellow orbs at the top of a stick pin were a common sight in our house. To think, I glanced at them for years and never gave them a second thought, yet put them in someone else’s hands and they become a whimsical, elegant accessory. Check them out here.


Remember how almost two years ago I asked you to submit quotes you’d like to see printed? And then remember how life got all sorts of crazy and I never got around to printing them? That was awesome. (Please tell me you all got the Chris Farley reference.)

Anyway, finally got around to printing the first one…no guarantees the second will be done in less time. You can purchase here. And yes, Sarah, you have a couple headed your way! It might take me while but I keep my promises.

Keeping with the theme, I gave my mom a stack of blank cards last year for Mother’s Day and told her I’d print whatever she wanted on them. Just finally finished those up as well! Most of them went to good ol’ Marge, but there are a few extras available here.


1) Open mouth. 2) Insert foot.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all done or said something that frankly made us feel like an ass. Whether you need to point out someone else’s misstep or apologize for your own actions, these quirky notecards are the perfect way to bring a little humor to the situation. Who can stay mad when you send a card with a donkey on it?

Available individually or as a set. [And did I make these miniature versions the perfect size to tuck into the windshield of that fancy car straddling two spaces in the overcrowded parking lot? Maybe…]