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When I first started my company, I did everything I could to drum up custom business. Business cards, stationery, wedding invites—you name it I was up for it. And my prices were low (seriously, if you were a custom client of mine a year or two ago, you got a GREAT deal!), so low that I think I was losing money once I figured in how much time I was spending on each project—not to mention the ones that never came to fruition! I would kill myself trying to make an impossibly short timeline, include tons of freebies…. It was a completely unsustainable business. A handful of jobs came and went and finally I wised up: it simply wasn’t worth the time and stress.

Over the past year or two, I’ve done a piece here or there, but generally I turned down more work than I took on. However, I recently had the pleasure of designing and printing business cards for a local tutor and to my surprise when I finished the project I felt really good about the whole experience. The finished product is beautiful of course, but I think the best part was that after all was said and done, I didn’t feel burnt out or defeated, but inspired and ready for more! Not to mention, my skills have improved over the last couple years, so the process of creating the cards went much smoother from beginning to end.

Business cards by 622 pressI finally learned to value my own work. I know I am good at what I do and my time and talent are worth charging a fair price for. The stress and inconvenience were all internal, and once I let that go, I was able to enjoy the work again. I’m excited to revive and revamp this aspect of my business, you can check out the details for business cards here and watch for more to come! I hope this post reminds you to let go of the internal pressure you put on yourself and take pleasure in whatever you’re working on.



A few days ago, this blog helped me finally figure out how to rearrange my etsy shop. The writer recommended placing like colors next to each other, but I wondered if shoppers would think I simply worked in red and yellow upon visiting my first page. So for now I’ve got things arranged in vertical stripes of my most common colors—purple, red, yellow and light blue—but of course that leaves a few pieces that don’t quite fit (silver, green, navy) and all the blind emboss or multicolor pieces coming in a jumble at the end.

What do you think? Do you like the arrangement or did it look better shuffled up? How would you like these items to be presented? Comments appreciated!

Gift Guide: Valentine’s

Do you do Valentine’s Day? It’s never been a big deal to me: I’ve never had a rom-com style woe-is-me evening spent solo, nor did I expect to be whisked off for the most romantic evening of my life when I was dating someone. Really all anyone ever wants is to be reminded that they are loved—that making them happy is important to you.

Since we’re just a few weeks away, here are a few sweet nothings to remind those you love that you’re thinking of them. Whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mom or grandma, show someone they’re loved with an inexpensive handmade treat.

Let’s be honest: You just can’t go wrong with chocolate. These from Cocoa and Honey are organic and fair trade—and a pretty good price for artisanal chocolates! Handmade chocolate shops are popping up all over the country—chances are there’s one just a few minutes’ drive from your home. Chocolates are always best fresh, so shop local!

Not a chocolate fan? What about a festive cookie or 12 instead? Bake Me Pretty offers a variety of cookies and cupcakes, but I like the simplicity of simple raspberry and shortbread Linzer Heart Cookies.

This sweet screenprinted and embroidered pillow from cozyblue is perfect for a couple celebrating their first year together.

How sweet are these Handful of Heart gloves by yastik izi? Such a cute idea and available in a variety of color combinations.

Now I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but chocolate? Chocolate is always good. These salted caramel goodies from Marshmallow Heaven look downright amazing!