Hatch Show Print

I’ve never written about arguably the most well-known and respected letterpress studio in the U.S. until now because, well, almost everyone else has. But last night I watched Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print present the shop’s work and history and I’m so inspired I can’t resist.

Hatch is the longest running letterpress studio in the U.S., operating continuously for well over a century. Jim has been instrumental in not only keeping the shop running through the hard times (also known as the ’80s) but preserving its historical accuracy. He doesn’t allow any new wood fonts into the shop, believing the Hatch brothers (founders, originally from Wisconsin!) carefully curated the collection to work well together; and by only allowing new artwork that’s been hand carved—no digitally-created photo-polymer cuts.

Hatch does, as you can see, regularly employ the magnificent collection of historical printing plates, adhering to a theory they call “Preservation by Production”—or the belief that vintage wood cuts and fonts fare better with regular use. I would rather see these artists create beautiful work than gaze at plates behind glass any day. They have a cut of nearly every famous artist that ever played Nashville, as well as some of the earliest printing plates in the states—and they’re still printing all of it. I’m thinking of planning a trip to Tennessee just to visit Hatch!


The days are getting longer. Every day this week, I’ve gotten up with the sun and every morning I’ve sent a little thank you out into the universe for letting me wake with such joy. It’s funny how each year, just at the point when you think you just can’t stand the dark and the cold any longer, winter releases its grip and almost overnight it’s spring. I’m so thankful we had a short and mild winter, I’m not sure I could have held out much longer this year.

I’ve been working on a series of prints to celebrate. It’s a small reminder to myself to take a moment to be grateful, to enjoy what nature has to offer, to see the beauty in everything around me. Wake up five minutes early tomorrow morning, before you’re rushing to get ready, while your world is still quiet. Really look at your surroundings, take them in and be grateful for them. The world is a beautiful place.

Ring Me Sometime

Whether a big chunky cocktail style or something more subtle, lately I’m obsessed with rings! When it comes to jewelry, I’m always more interested in quality design than high end materials. Not that I’m going to turn down gems, but I’d rather have a well-designed crystal ring than a boring diamond one. Here are a few unique pieces I’m loving at the moment!

Quartz double ring by Adina Mills Design.

There’s not much I don’t love from Bario-Neal designs, but these simple stackable beauties are great! [photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty]

The Mobius Ring from Spies Jewelry.

Granule rings from Hannah Bedford.

Loved ring from St. Kilda.

I found this beauty via pinterest and I can’t seem to find its original source. So gorgeous!

NOW here

No, that’s not ‘no where’ it’s ‘now here’ (see what they did there?). And “here” is obviously the UW Stevens Point’s art department. I’m heading up today for the annual conference featuring presentations by visiting artists and designers, workshops, portfolio reviews and alumni presentations (that’s where I come in). If you’re in Wisconsin, head up for the public presentations tonight and tomorrow night, stop by for dinner, or you could probably find us at Guu’s later this evening. (Does Guu’s still exist? I’m so old.) Have a great weekend!