This Old House

I like old houses. I love their character and the way the spaces work together. I love their quirks and their potential. Realizing that I may not get to purchase an old charmer right away, I’ve been collecting ways to add a little character to any space.

First up: that beautiful molding. That 8-inch tall, expensive molding. If you’re not up for removing all your old trim or new trim just isn’t in your budget, try this brilliant idea from The House of Smiths: simply add a small piece of molding above your original trim, paint the wall and both pieces of trim the same color, and voila! Fabulous chunky baseboards without the price tag.

Exposed brick can add warmth along with character to any room. No original chimney to expose? No worries. A company called Brick-it offers real vintage bricks cut into thin slices, along with an easy installation system. My favorite is this multicolor specimen reclaimed from a building in Milwaukee.

One of the things I love most about older homes are the elegant details. An easy way to add elegance in a big way that doesn’t impact your house’s footprint is to simply look up. Your ceiling can be ignored or become a showcase—it’s up to you. Is your style formal and elegant? A decorative molding treatment like the one above might be for you. More cottage casual? Try faux wood beams. The possibilities are endless!

You’re it!

Get it? Tag! Loopy post-workday humor aside, I’m excited to share the latest re-purposed scrap piece to come out of the studio! I’ve been printing furiously lately, and that means lots of test sheets full of letterpress goodness. I’ve always loved traditional hang tags, so I thought they’d be perfect. Just one set available now (they take a while to cut!), more soon! Enjoy!

Orange you glad…

If you’re at all interested in design, or fashion, or home décor, or things that are cool, you know that Pantone’s color of the year is Tangerine Tango (that’s orange for all you lay people out there). I guess it took 6 months for it to sink in for me, but last weekend was nothing less than orange-tastic!

Orange seemed the perfect color for a pirate greeting!

Made some more of these (above)… and these just seem right in orange (below)

Been thinking about this card for several months now—orange was the perfect accent—very fall!