Christmas and your birthday all rolled in to one

Have you been wondering where I’ve been for the last week? Well… I’ve been unpacking and assembling because BESS IS HERE!!!

Reunited and it feels so good....
Reunited and it feels so good….

I’ll post a studio tour once everything has found a home, but as soon as I had the room cleared out enough to assemble Bess, I needed to print the last of a pre-move order. A company in Michigan decided my script happy birthday cards were the perfect thing for their clients and ordered a whole bunch. I had shipped off what I had in stock in Wisconsin, but as Bess was already in pieces when the order was placed, I could only get them about half their order. Becky has been nothing but patient and it was great to have a plan for my inaugural Bermuda printing!


Card Club is back!

card-club-1You guys, MY PRESS STILL ISN’T HERE. I haven’t printed in more than two months! I think I’m starting to show symptoms of withdrawal… The only upside is that without the joy of production to distract me, I’ve been checking things off my business development to do list.

card-club-3One of those items is bringing back the Card Club! It’s an even better deal this time around: Each month more than $20 worth of stationery, prints, coasters and other goodies will be delivered to your door—for just $10 per month! A membership also makes an awesome gift for anyone who loves letterpress, getting mail or sending letters! Purchase here or get in touch directly here!