622 press turns NINE!

A few months ago I was cleaning up after a long day of printing and my iTunes shuffled to a favorite old jam. As I was grooving and singing (and wondering what my neighbors thought of my song and dance routine through the open windows), I realized I had gone through the exact same steps to the exact same song once…  more than once—countless times—before.

Over nine years, six homes, two countries, the beginning and end of a marriage, a ridiculously dramatic work life, family ups and downs, and a million other things, Bess has been the one constant in my life. Somehow this 135-year-old piece of machinery has always been whatever I needed—a creative outlet, a new skill to learn, something to fill my days when I was lonely, a boost of confidence, and finally a full time job I could move abroad.

So here’s to Bess, I can’t wait to see what the next nine years bring.

Happy Birthday to 622 press!


Bess and I met eight years ago today! If you’ve never heard the full story of how I found my press and got the studio up and running, check out my about page and the first few blog posts way back in 2008.

I never, ever, ever would have dreamed that this business would grow so much or travel so far. Life always throws you curve balls, but I really do think the universe has your best interests at heart. Here’s to eight more years!


Modern Love

I love the idea of juxtaposing the modern way we make connections—Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder—with one of the oldest printing methods there is: letterpress. I’ve employed hashtags in my letterpress work a few times over the last few years, but recently I came up with a new design that I love even more!

tinder_7905The font is a Craigslist purchase from about a year and a half ago that is just starting to see regular use. I love that it’s a perfect fit with a tiny heart cut I ordered for a custom project years ago!


This was one of the designs I proposed to Anne at Driftless Studio a few weeks back, and her reaction to it is one I’ll never forget: “I’m old, so I don’t really understand Tinder, but I’ll take 20.” Did you meet someone wonderful on Tinder? Or someone horrible that gave you a great story? I’d love to hear it, so leave a comment below, and I promise to share with dear “old” Anne!