Swimming in Stars

Last weekend I had what will perhaps turn out to be the most incredible experience of my time in Bermuda. We had spent the day out on a friend’s boat, and since there’s a good chance it would be the last boat day this year, we wanted to make the most of it.

After a day of calm water and clear skies, the sun set early—it is November after all. We were nestled between some of the smaller islands so trees blocked the lights from town and millions of stars were visible in the sky. At one point, silence fell as we marveled at the site over our heads.

Eventually the idea of a night swim came up, and when we jumped in, we discovered bioluminescent plankton in the water that lit up as they were disturbed. As we kicked our legs and moved our arms through the black water, it sparkled. Trails of tiny lights following our fingers and toes. Stars above us, stars around us, swimming in stars, reminding me how magical this world is.

If walls could talk

The Secret Garden | Gary, Indiana

Some photographers have a way of showing the soul of a person in an image. Carey Primeau does it with dilapidated buildings. For the past four years, he’s been working on the Neglected Beauty Project.

“By inspiring dialogue about forgotten historic structures, there is hope that the general public and our politicians will once again learn to appreciate their existence. Historical buildings are crucial for future generations because they not only provide direct connections to our past, but can be focal points for a shared cultural experience in the future,” he says.

Schools Out Forever
School's Out Forever | Jacob Riis Elementary, Chicago

In these buildings covered with dust and grime, he somehow manages to capture every color, each sparkle of sunlight, thereby revealing everything the building ever was to the community. I must agree with him, it would be a terrible shame to let these historic spaces go to waste.

Back Stairs Elegance | Uptown Theater, Chicago
Back Stairs Elegance | Uptown Theater, Chicago
Centrality Amongst Chaos | St. Boniface Church Chicago
Centrality Amongst Chaos | St. Boniface Church Chicago