Feeling blessed!

One of my business goals while in Bermuda is to up press exposure for 622 press. I have small benchmarks I’d like to reach, but honestly it’s such a big goal I haven’t really started so much as a press release. So, I’m feeling incredibly lucky that an amazing opportunity just fell into my lap.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 5.27.36 PMBehold: Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide featuring our very own shadow monogram stationery! You guys, this website gets more than a 800,000 visitors a month! I’m kind of freaking out. I can’t wait to see what this does for the business!




So you may remember this post from the beginning of the year in which I tout my new yoga habit. Confession: I haven’t been to yoga since there was snow on the ground.

While part of it was the “not enough time” trap all women seem to stumble into, most of the reason for my faulty attendance was that I just couldn’t find a class or instructor that gave me what I was looking for from yoga.

Some yogis love to sweat, some love to stretch, but what I was really looking for was the mental clarity that comes from moving slowly and concentrating on your breath. My intro class was fantastic, I left feeling light and clear, but once I started attending various beginner-level classes, the pace picked up and I missed holding poses for several minutes while I let my tension ease. I read this post from The Mollie Shambeau Show a few days ago, and it hit me hard.

Shavasana is known as “Corpse Pose” because it’s here, in these final few moments that we die. Not just as an idea, but actually. Understanding that one has collected so much during their lives. Not only books, houses, bank accounts—but inwardly… the memories of insults, the memories of flattery, the memories of your own particular experiences—neurotic achievements which give you position. To die to all that without argument, without discussion, without any fear—just to give it up—will create freedom.

Die to everything that you know psychologically so that your mind is clear, not tortured… so that it sees things as they are, both outwardly and inwardly.

You came to your mat as one person. You came to your mat as the thinker. You came to your mat being that of your thoughts. As you leave your mat today, you’re brand new. You’re no longer your thoughts or your doubts or your fears. And each and every day you come to your mat, this is what you do. You shed your old, and you become new. Innocent, fresh… and through this innocence, this is where you live in compassion… when you bring your yoga off of your mat and into your world. 


I have a bad habit of thinking about the stupid things I’ve said or done over and over and over… and over. I let these moments that I’m sure no one else remembers wiggle in and keep me up at night, shaking my confidence and reminding me that I’m not as great as I sometimes let myself think. Toxic thoughts are tough to shake on your own, and sometimes we just need someone else to tell us to knock it off. Truth be told, part of the reason I’m writing this post is so I have this quote available anytime I need to read it. Oh, and anyone know a good yoga class?

R.I.P. U.S.P.S.?

Vintage Air Mail Save the Date by Beth Cote

Depending on what side of the aisle you favor, the proposed cuts to the U.S. Postal Service are either a heinous attack on an American institution or a necessary step to balance the national budget. All I know is that if I have to stand in line any longer, I’m switching to Fed Ex.

No matter where you fall on that issue, everyone likes to get mail. I know I’ve waxed semi-poetic about the virtues of card-sending before, but really, is there anything better than the surprise of a hand-written note? At least one person agrees with me: Stefanie of Newspaper Taxi is holding a contest for lovers of letters.

Info on the image below, full details if you click on it! Enjoy and good luck!

Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

Oh yeah, that just happened. Well kids, once again life has gotten in the way of ye olde blog, so instead of coming up with new, original content for you, I bring you the words of one of my favorite bloggers (and full disclosure: very good friend), Mollie Shambeau.

Miss Mollie is getting married in just over a month and I helped design her wedding stationery. She was kind enough to feature our work on her blog here.

Her invitations were a fun project, both because she has an impeccable sense of style and wanted to add a little whimsy with a play on her soon-to-be last name: Busby (Bus-bee, get it!?!).

Whenever I have a little down time , I try to pop over to The Mollie Shambeau Show to see what that girl is up to. One day she’s in Wisconsin, the next Australia, then Utah, then who knows! Just over a month ago now (jeez, has it been that long?!), she wrote the loveliest post that expresses exactly why I chose to create greeting cards with my letterpress.

On a day when life was handing me too much, I had dinner with a dear friend who brought such positivity to everything I blabbered on about, I really did intend to send her a thank you card just for being herself. And of course even I—with boxes and boxes full of beautiful ephemera—didn’t follow through on my intentions.

A week or two later, I came across Mollie’s words and after kicking myself for my lack of follow-through, took the same vow:

I vow to try my best to not take anyone in my life for granted

2011 July 6
by Mollie

The last few weeks have been a learning experience for me. Not only because I’ve been living in my parents’ basement (oh yeah) and planning a wedding that’s happening in LESS THAN THREE MONTHS (mini heart-attack) but because I’ve learned a lot about myself and my relationships with others.

And though I should be feverishly working on another set of important vows in my life, I have one I’ve been wanting to disclose here:

I vow to try my best to not take anyone in my life for granted.

It began with a stack of cards. There are people out there (some of whom are probably reading this) that actually thought to send me a congratulations card after Sean and I got engaged. HOW THOUGHTFUL IS THAT? Seriously, it was so thoughtful that I started to question my own track record with cards. Lets just say I came up a little short.

There is something to be said for “card people,” right? Are you a card person? Prior to recently, I was not. Thank you notes? Of course. Birthday cards? Maybe, if I was seeing the friend in person. Cards for lesser occasions (arguably the cards that really matter) like Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, Congrats, etc.? Er, no.

Card people… how admirable are they? You know, that one person in your life who NEVER forgets your birthday, always calls, and makes sure you get at least one card (and $5 to spend on chocolate) on Valentine’s Day. I always thought to myself, “Maybe someday I’ll have time to be so thoughtful.” I resolved I was simply too cheap and too busy to embody the “T” word—two excuses that make me cringe as I write this. Plus, living in Utah a world away from many of my college and high school friends and family  didn’t help to engage my sense of connection.

Well “someday” happened, baby. It’s time I climb aboard the Thoughtful Train… and I would like to extend an invitation to you.

I’d like to hope every woman reaches this point in her life. The point when she realizes that making that extra effort is important. Sure it may not be convenient to respond to an email or send a congratulatory card to a recently engaged pal, but you know what? Life isn’t convenient. I’ve got one hand on the computer keyboard and a sandwich in my other hand while I add, “Pick up dog poops in the yard” and “Write 1200-word story for the paper” to my To-do list and catch snippets on my iPhone from the Casey Anthony trial, all the while cursing my well-intentioned suggestion to watch “Father of the Bride” as tears of nostalgia run down my face (true story).

Life isn’t convenient and it never will be.

Going the extra mile for the important people in your life is—I believe—one of the most imperative and rewarding actions a human can take. Without friends and family in your life, would it be worth it?

Think about it. Hop on the train. Send a freaking card ☺ And have a wonderful day!