Why you always invite the crazy aunt to Thanksgiving

thanksgiving_4778Why, you ask? Because she brings a pie, and that’s one less thing you have to make! Evident from the barren wasteland that was this blog this week, I’ve been busy. Yesterday I hosted Thanksgiving for a group of our European friends here in Bermuda, and as it’s not a tradition they grew up with—and not actually a holiday here so they all had to work—(and maybe a little because I really like all my family recipes and couldn’t bear to eat stuffing or pecan pie that doesn’t follow my mom’s recipe) I made nearly every dish. Oh, and an extra pie for Andrew’s office potluck lunch.

pies_4793An acute case of homesickness struck me while I was making a pie from a recipe written in my mom’s handwriting, but the feeling of being on the verge of tears subsided by the time I was finishing up my grandma’s cranberry relish—a family favorite that I’ve inherited responsibility for as she’s aged. I love that my recipe box is filled with dishes that bring back childhood memories or make me think of old friends.

recipes_4835I had grand plans to document the day and did so on Wednesday and for about the first hour of cooking on Thursday… then I got too busy and too sweaty so taking pics fell by the wayside. It was a beautiful mid-70’s day here in Bermuda, but after having my oven cranked up for the better part of two consecutive days, I think I may actually prefer cold Wisconsin weather on days like these!

I may have forgotten to make gravy once the turkey came out of the oven (I blame the bartender who was an expert mixer of sazeracs and old fashioneds!), but dinner went incredibly well—I think I have a few new converts to the church of Thanksgiving-is-the-best-holiday. I am so thankful for good friends who have welcomed me with open arms and made this big huge move much easier. And it was wonderful to spend the day with that man I moved here for, who made a point to thank me for cooking him a real, American Thanksgiving meal, which he hasn’t had in three or four years.

thanksgiving_4795And finally after all this rambling, I’d like to thank you, my dear readers, for taking an interest in my life and work, and all your encouraging comments along the way. I promise next week things will be back to normal with an awesome behind-the-scenes studio tour and your regularly scheduled travel post! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to shop small!

Fall Inspiration

screenshot of the pages of Styled. Magazine

Today I had the good fortune to stumble across Styled. Magazine, an online publication by Victoria Hudgins (of a subtle revelry blog) and throngs of exceedingly talented contributors. Take a moment to page through this lovingly crafted magazine and I guarantee you’ll walk away inspired as I did!

screenshot of the pages of Styled. Magazine

Some may call such devotion to party planning frivolous, but I find that when I put forth a little extra effort—whether it’s picking up fresh flowers on my weekly grocery run or making a well-balanced meal instead of just nuking a lean cuisine—it definitely brightens my day. And if you happen to capture these little bright spots beautifully on camera? All the better.

So dear readers, I hope to be able to include more original content that inspires you here on the 622 blog while continuing to feature beautiful handmade goods and my own work. Here’s to year three at 622 press!

Just in time for Mother’s Day

What’s the perfect gift for that lady who taught you how to cook, brought you countless baked goods in college and still asks what you want for dinner when you come home? Beautiful handmade recipe cards, of course!

I just finished these up last weekend — they’re printed with a really deep impression and the intersecting lines turned out really cool. They’re available for purchase here.