New & Improved Print Shop


I’m getting packed up for a few weeks of travel so I thought I’d make it official: 622 press will be semi-closed for most of September!

I say semi-closed because while no cards, hoops or flowers will ship until I return on the 26, some custom pieces, wedding invites (more on that to come!) and of course digital artwork will still be available.

Great timing—as I’ve just given the Digital Prints section of the shop a refresh! You may remember my post about offering archival, museum quality prints from a few months ago. I was happy to check adding those prints off my list before heading out on vacation, but when I revisited them recently, I decided it wasn’t the best way to offer them.

So now that they’re easier to order, I’ve also added new designs—available as both a digital download and art prints! These are some of my favorite thus far—go check them out by clicking on the photo! And stay watch this space while I’m away—I have tons of fun reveals planned for September!

poster_mockup_MD 07-frame Petra-Veikkola---interior-(4-of-1)_frame-added




Easy Street Studio

Reason photo montage
"Reason" photo montage

Tamara Kane of Easy Street Studio creates beautiful and evocative images by digitally combining two or more photographs. The images ebb and flow and seamlessly intertwine, revealing the spontaneity  with which she works. She says, “There isn’t a whole lot of planning that goes into them. They come to me and when they do I work with a sense of urgency while I have the idea still flowing in a clear way. I think this is one of the reasons that I prefer this medium because I can work quickly and not risk losing the ‘moment’.”

Kayla II photo montage
"Kayla II" photo montage