You’re it!

Get it? Tag! Loopy post-workday humor aside, I’m excited to share the latest re-purposed scrap piece to come out of the studio! I’ve been printing furiously lately, and that means lots of test sheets full of letterpress goodness. I’ve always loved traditional hang tags, so I thought they’d be perfect. Just one set available now (they take a while to cut!), more soon! Enjoy!

Attack of the Bees!

I’m sure you all remember when I made this super cute bee stationery for Mollie Busby. Since then, that little guy has appeared on several projects, including these sweet little flat notes for an etsy client. Once I had the press cleaned up, I also embossed a couple dozen gift tags, sets of which are now available here!

Gift tags galore!

Lately when I’m printing a run of cards or prints, I’ve been trying to stretch my ink and paper scraps a bit farther (I recently figured out just how much money I’ve spent on this venture and it scared me!) so I’ve started making gift tags. It’s great because now everyone can have a little taste of a limited edition piece or a custom order (the purple ornaments were ordered as a custom printing for my sister) and I’m doing something worthwhile with the extra paper that I can’t bear to throw away. I’ll be including a couple tags in each order from now until the holidays (or until I run out). Hope you enjoy!

622 press gift tags