New Retailer: Assembly


It’s been a few months since I added a new store to my stockists, but I’m feeling like it was worth the wait! Assembly in Stevens Point, Wis. is owned and operated by Quyen—that’s her smiling mug above—a recent Twin Cities transplant with superb taste.


Assembly offers quality, modern and fairly minimalist clothing, accessories and gifts in the heart of downtown Stevens Point. The space feels like it belongs in a bigger city, with its high ceilings, exposed brick and seriously fashionable wares, but this gem of a shop is flourishing in a town of less than 30,000.

I was “up North” (as we Wisconsinites say) anyway while I was home, so I took the opportunity to deliver her goods in person. I haven’t visited my alma mater in quite a few  years, so it was almost eerie driving along streets I used to know so well, past places where I used to work and houses where I once lived.

There’s something really poignant about having my work for sale in the place where I first learned about letterpress. Despite being a fairly small order, it feels significant somehow, like here’s the signal that I’ve finally “made it”… whatever that means.


Quyen, in keeping with her minimalist brand, chose a palette of primarily black and hot pink ink with one robin’s egg card in the mix. She chose some of my favorite designs, so I’m hoping they fly off the shelves! Next time you’re headed “up North” along I-90, make a pit stop in Stevens Point to check out Assembly: You’ll be tempted by all her beautiful goods, but be sure to pick up a few cards!


April & May Card Club

As I was putting together May’s Card Club a few weeks ago, I realized with all the new retailers, new projects and birthday fun, I forgot to post April’s edition! So get ready for a double feature, folks.


April is National Letter Writing month, so I wanted to make sure to include a handful of my letterpress postcards—which are now sold out by the way!—as well as Mother’s Day and graduation cards so my subscribers are stocked up for early May.COTM_516_2428

For May’s bundle, I actually had a special request from a subscriber for more baby cards. So I added my awesome Holy Crap cards to the collection I had planned, and even more cards perfect for new parents will head out the door next month, so stay tuned! Want in on the action? Join the club here!

Move over Movember

I hate the holiday rush as much as anyone (Christmas décor in July? Really?), but when you’re working with retailers, they’re ready to see Christmas cards by September or October, so I’ve had my collection printed for a couple months. I love Halloween too much to bum rush it with holiday announcements, but for all you early birds who have your cards in the mail by December 1, here you go!

Last year’s holiday cards were mostly hold-overs from 2010, but this year I’ve created a number of new designs. Find them all in the shop and keep up with the latest and greatest on facebook. And don’t forget to pick up some gift tags while you’re there!


The blind leading the blind

holiday card by Modern Printed Matter
holiday card by Modern Printed Matter

I’m still recovering from this holiday weekend, and not in the way you might think, despite its containing the drunkest day of the year (Wednesday before Thanksgiving, if you weren’t aware — fun fact of the day!).

I had double rush orders of holiday cards and other projects for a couple of clients. The first (above) was designed by Anna of Modern Printed Matter. I can’t get enough of her crystallized snowflake pattern — it’s so elegant in a blind emboss. Because it’s an all-over design, there’s no place for the displaced paper fibers to be absorbed into, so I had to tighten my press to the point of almost not being able to make a full rotation. (In fact, my mom tried to do a couple because I was exhausted and she couldn’t! Apparently printing can double as weight training.) Anyway, although the soreness in my muscles is still lingering, the cards turned out beautiful and were well worth it.

On the other end of the spectrum, I also imprinted holiday cards for Z2 Marketing in Milwaukee. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Kerry Tasch, a friend from the design program at UWSP, for looking me up! In addition to the lovely cards below, I also embossed the front and back covers of their leave behind book, images of which I hope to post soon. I love the sheer simplicity and perfect symmetry of the cards as much as I love the complexity and randomness of the top ones. These, however, were much easier to create, the plate took a perfect bite out of each card, leaving sharp edges and a deep emboss.

Z2 Marketing holiday card

Happy Holidays!

I know it’s only September, but I’ve got my first round of holiday greeting cards finished! To celebrate being ahead of the game, I’m offering 10% off all orders placed through email before October 1st. Standard pricing is available here (cards range from $2 to $3 each with shipping another $3-$10 depending on where you live), or just email me for pricing on the quantities you want (I’m happy to split card sets for you). Enjoy!