My New Favorite Thing

Sorry, couldn’t help it. I’m so in love with my newest cards! They’re available for custom printing in my etsy shop and this color combo is available at Iconi Interiors. Yup, that’s right, just tonight I dropped off a whole mess of cards at Coni’s and they should be on display soon. Go check ’em out!

The evening news

Hey all, I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, but it’s been quite a week! On Monday, I had double meetings: one for wholesaling 622 press goods (yay!) and one for a logo design for MMoCA (yay! ahh! More to come on this later). Anyway, the meeting went really well, and in a couple weeks 622 press pieces will be available at Iconi Interiors (534 W. Washington Ave., Madison).

Iconi Interiors
Iconi Interiors

Iconi has been my very favorite home store since it opened last May, and I decided I might as well start at the top when approaching stores for wholesale, and it worked! The owner, Coni (get it?) Marotz is great and she has an amazing eye for putting together living spaces. The shop is an eclectic mix of original new pieces, great vintage and re-upholstered furniture, beautiful contemporary art and unique accessories. Basically, I want to live there.

A bevy of lamps in the far front corner of the sunny shop
Left: A bookshelf of vintage barware; Right: A bevy of lamps in the far front corner of the sunny shop

She’s planning on carrying a couple holiday card sets, several of the others in my etsy shop, as well as some pieces that are exclusive to Iconi (and she just about bought me out of my “Marine” Limited Edition, so get them while you can!). She also had two vintage cuts for sale in her shop that she sent home with me to test print. I was skeptical because they seemed to be a bit worn, but they printed absolutely beautifully. I did a small run of each (see below), but plan on doing more soon. They’re so cool! And in my limited experience it’s pretty rare to find large abstract designs. I like that they’re a little more masculine and geometric than my illustrations.

Vintage cuts courtesy of Iconi Interiors

I also printed a really fun purple version of my ornaments card for my little sister (remember — you can order any design in any color, it only takes a couple weeks), and finally got a good run out of “Tablescape” (below), one of the first designs I created but haven’t been able to get to print well yet. (I think the cooler, less humid weather helped significantly, as well as my getting better at knowing the correct ink consistency and pressure.) So, even though I’ve been a total slacker on the blogging front, I’ve gotten a lot done!

"Tablescape" notecard