Monstera Monday: Foliage-Filled Wedding Invites

Ah, #monsteramonday! I’ve been saving these, just so I could use that hashtag on my Instagram post! It’s been quite the task, as this design is one of my favorites!


When I saw these giant monstera leaves in a pack of watercolor illustrations I recently purchased, I knew they would make an awesome statement on an invitation! Equally perfect for a South Beach wedding (can you imagine these with a pink envelope?!) or a foliage-filled urban loft, these invites are sure to get your guests excited for the big day.

Destination Wedding: Tropical Invitations

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Bermuda must be getting to me: I’ve been designing lots of invitations inspired by the tropics lately. And since it’s Friday, I thought you guys deserved a double feature!

Perfect for a destination wedding, or if you want your big day to feel like a getaway! And since most destination weddings happen in the winter, now is the time to get going on them!


When you’re planning destination nuptials, you might as well go all out, right? So whether you’re thinking palms or pineapples, both of these invitations feature hand-lettered brush scripts, colorful watercolor and playful illustrations, perfect for a big day at the beach!

My favorite thing about these invitations is that they don’t necessarily scream WEDDING, but they will definitely let your guests know they’re in for a fun filled day—which means they’re also perfect for any other kind of bash! They can be easily modified for a piña colada themed birthday party, a backyard luau or foliage-filled dinner party. palm_6045



A real live vacation!

Right now, I’m on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico—without wifi! Thanks to the magic of WordPress, you’re reading what I wrote a week before we left.

We’re headed on a cruise to various islands, which seems a little silly since we live on an island… We’ve booked some “excursions” that promise to be fun and make some great memories, but really the thing I’m most excited about is actually that bit about no wifi! I can’t wait for the chance to unplug and reconnect with my partner—no online poker (him), checking social media stats (me), mindless facebook cruising (both), or any of the other things that allow us to miss out on really being with each other, even when we’re in the same room.

After we return to dry land, several house guests arrive and basically round out the rest of June! So you’ll probably hear less from me in the next few weeks, but I’ve got not one but TWO exciting announcements set for 622 press’s birthday on the 22nd, so make sure to stay tuned!