Sarcastic Monday

I treasure my coffee mug collection. It’s equal parts hand thrown pieces by yours truly (with the early pieces so heavy they’re able to do double duty as a door stop, overqualified paper weight or deadly weapon) and mugs that possess some quality that made my unable to pass by without purchasing—they’re just the right shape for my hands, so large you can eat a full meal out of them, the inside is glazed with the most perfect blue known to man…etc.

However, since my snarkiest friend Sarah showed me this little gem above—which I now covet with my whole heart—I’ve been thinking about mugs that say something. Something funny, yet just a little bit cruel. (All together now, “Just like you!” Feel better? Me too.)

Anyway, to that end, I present: Sarcastic Mug Monday! [WARNING: Don’t scroll down to the bottom of this post if you’re not a fan of curse words…Mom!]

Always a reliable source for paraphernalia covered in the phrases you think, but never say, The Onion store carries the mug above. Now, I don’t have my interns get me coffee, but I think I’ll get the mug and use it around the office nonetheless, just to remind them that I could.

Yeah, I know it’s a water bottle, but it’s so perfect I couldn’t pass it up. I need it!

If you like your cynicism hand-painted, In a Glaze is your mug mecca. I also thoroughly appreciate that this baby can hold a generous 24 ounces of caffeinated goodness!

In case you were wondering, this phrase can also be plastered on a beer stein. So when you drink too much to be clever, your beverage of choice can do it for you. Brilliant!

Last but certainly not least…the promised profanity. This little guy is hand thrown and made to order by Jennifer of JMN Pottery. Despite the excellent craftsmanship, you might want to confine this specimen to the privacy of your home.

Yoga Goat

Silly name; great work. That just about sums up Yoga Goat pottery. Working out of her hard-earned shop in Vermont, Amanda throws beautiful pieces covered with her own unique illustrations. Drawn with a reverse-slip method in which she covers the entire piece in the color, then carves away the background, leaving the design in underglaze as well as a slight relief.

Grand Array give away winner announcement to come later today — stay tuned!

Created by Rachel

Professor and pottery instructor at several colleges in St. Louis, Rachel is an exceedingly talented ceramicist. She is classically trained with a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and MFA from Ohio University in 2006.

Her softly curved thrown vessels are accentuated and decorated with soft lines of glaze or texture. The pieces are then finished in soft colors, which she hopes will “allow people to slow down, carefully examine and be peaceful.”