Floral Initials

initial_H_7197This project has been on my mind since I first started experimenting with paper flowers. I love letters and I love flowers, so why not combine them? Can’t think of one good reason, huh? Knew it.

Anyway, I started with a template of the letter, cut it out of chipboard, then added 2.5″ tall strips around the edges to make it three-dimensional. I filled the “box” with my handmade crepe-paper flowers, then added some extras and a bit of foliage to fill it out. I’m absolutely in love with the results!

initial_H_7200I made this “H” for a friend, who displays it on her nightstand (her photo is below), but I can also see these initials hanging on a gallery wall, or as the centerpiece of the front table at a wedding! An ampersand is also available! Check them all out here.


Two Wheels

A few weeks ago, I finished a print I’ve been working on for several months now. Bike Race is a limited edition of 10 prints featuring my bike illustration in five cheery colors. I love this print and plan to frame one for my own home, the rest can make great gifts for your favorite cyclist or anyone who enjoys a leisurely ride.

I also printed up a new batch of one of my most popular cards. I switched the orientation this time around and I love the way the design fits on the horizontal layout. This card is available here, enjoy!