Shannon O’Neil Photography Stationery


A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of printing beautiful stationery for an East coast photographer. Shannon reached out after seeing my Mr. and Mrs. card at Laurel Grove. She said the cards fit perfectly with her own branding, and after checking out her website, I couldn’t help but agree!


The process was simple: Shannon sent me her logo—a gorgeous hand-lettered, simple design that I knew would create a beautiful impression when printed with letterpress—I sent her a proof, and she said ok! We talked about a few different envelope colors before settling on a light gray, and then I ordered all the supplies! They arrived a few weeks later, I printed with great success and now they’re happily in the hands of the photographer, ready to be sent off to her lucky clients!


Want some custom note cards or other stationery of your own? Get in touch!





One of the best parts about buying handmade directly from the artist is the ability to collaborate on custom work. Unfortunately, this can be an expensive, overwhelming and relatively slow process, so I’ve been working on ways to make custom letterpress pieces more accessible. The solution? A customizable piece with a finite number of choices for each aspect of the design.

Introducing custom monogram note cards with the following options:

1. Choose your initials (2-4 characters):

2. Choose your design:

3. Choose a color from the palette:

Purchase the listing and wait just a few weeks for your cards!


Oh hello there, long time no see. Sorry guys, when it comes to blogging lately I’m out of practice and frankly a little uninspired. Why don’t I just tell you what’s new around the shop?

These are new:

So are these:

And I’ve got a yellow-orange version of these drying as we speak:

I’ve also been working on a couple really exciting things—including a new limited edition print and personalized note cards. Stay tuned!