Over my Christmas print-stravaganza, I printed a verse that my mom had requested a couple years ago. I had light blue on the press and I thought it would look great, but after just one impression, I knew this verse would be better un-inked. Powerful words need nothing extra, and I hope this piece reminds you to have faith.

Have faith in others.

Have faith in yourself.

Have faith that it will all work out.

Have faith in your decisions.

Have faith that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Have faith that you’re the only one who knows what is right for you.


Remember how almost two years ago I asked you to submit quotes you’d like to see printed? And then remember how life got all sorts of crazy and I never got around to printing them? That was awesome. (Please tell me you all got the Chris Farley reference.)

Anyway, finally got around to printing the first one…no guarantees the second will be done in less time. You can purchase here. And yes, Sarah, you have a couple headed your way! It might take me while but I keep my promises.

Keeping with the theme, I gave my mom a stack of blank cards last year for Mother’s Day and told her I’d print whatever she wanted on them. Just finally finished those up as well! Most of them went to good ol’ Marge, but there are a few extras available here.


Audience Participation Required

Just in time for graduation, I’ve finished several note cards in my typography series. The first is just a simple congratulations, but the texture of the vintage lead type really makes an impact with such a simple design. And I love the unique shape — perfect for checks. Not socks, not monogrammed towels, checks!

The next is the first of many note cards I plan to make of famous quotes and sage advice. I did a project about Helen Keller in college and have had this quote stuck in my head ever since — I’m glad I can finally put it to good use!

I have several phrases in mind, but I’d like your help to come up with more! Simply leave a comment below, making sure to include your email address in the designated space, and if I decide to use your quote, I’ll send you a couple cards free! Do not recommend copyrighted material (song lyrics, poems, etc.). If it’s a quote, please include who said it. Feel free to comment as many times as you’d like — can’t wait to see what you come up with!