you & me part 4: Place cards

I fell in love with the idea of each guest being welcomed to our reception by a petite envelope especially for them. Each silver envelope held a card letterpress printed with a number that coordinated with their table. I forgot to consider that printing 160 tiny cards with 20 different numbers would be a huge undertaking (particularly when started just 10 days before the wedding), but the idea came to fruition exactly how I pictured.

I do have two extra sets of numbers 1 through 20, so if anyone’s interested, they’re available here.

you & me part 3: Reception Décor

I’m not a huge flower person. I appreciate them when they bloom in our yard and all, but I’ve never been one to order flowers just to have them and there’s not a faux flower to be found in my home.

For a while, I was going with floral centerpieces for our wedding because, you know, that’s just what people do. The more I thought about it, the less enthused I became and so I started researching more exciting alternatives. Thank you design*sponge and Martha Stewart!

My solution? A cluster of letterpressed luminaries in the center of each table.

For the cake and gift table, I carried the ampersand theme (distilled from the you & me of our invites) throughout—I even found these great resin ampersands that I painted silver to coordinate.

When guests arrived, they picked up an envelope with their name on it that contained a card letterpress printed with a number, which coordinated with a table, which had the number printed on the luminaries.

Photos by Captured Moments photo & video.