Take one part graphic designer and add one part woodworker. The result? A fabulous jewelry company called Miju and You. Canadian artists Judy Lawrence and Mike Giles are like many etsians—running a small passion business on the side while working full time jobs. Here’s how they make it work.

What prompted you to start making jewelry?
I am a graphic designer by day and love what I do, but the company I work for is very corporate (in other words, not alot of room for creativity).
My partner/boyfriend Mike, is a woodworker and designer. He acquired a laser machine a few years ago and at that point we decided to utilize our mutual talents to create something together and give me an outlet to vent my creativity.

Tell us about your process—start to finish.
We do all the laser cutting ourselves. I design and create the digital files for the laser machine and then pass them on to Mike who prepares the wood, laser cuts it and brings it home to me where I paint, wrap, assemble, package and ship accordingly.
Initially, we began working with acrylic plastic but found it very brittle and pieces were getting damaged too easily.
We then move on to working with walnut. With Mike being a woodworker, off-cuts are plentiful!
I find the walnut has a much richer quality to it than the acrylic and much more resilient.

Where do you work?
The lasering and wood preparation is all done in Mike’s studio. He shares that space with a number of other designers of various backgrounds which gives it a wonderfully stimulating vibe.
Most of what I do for miju is done in our home. I have a small space set up in our basement. Not the most stimulating but it keeps me focused and is readily accessible.

What is your greatest challenge?

What inspires you?
We draw inspiration daily from numerous sources but i find we are both the most creative while traveling.
There is so much more going on it the world besides what immediately surrounds us and when you immerse yourself in a new environment, ideas start to flow – for us at least.

How did you discover etsy.com? Any beginner mistakes? Is etsy your full time job?
We have a number of very talented friends that were selling on etsy long before we were. When we decided to start making our own creations back in 2008, our friends were great resources for direction and tips on making our store more visible.
Our beginner mistakes were probably most prominent when it came to shipping products. The acrylic that we initially began working with was very delicate and we had a few items arrive damaged. After a few revisions to packaging, we sorted that out but have since moved on to other materials for that very reason.
Being full time workers (we both have “day jobs”) and full time parents often makes it hard to put as much focus in to miju as we’d like although, we’ve both been tailoring our schedules to try and give it a little more time as it’s treated us well thus far.

Where else can readers find your work?
We have a few independant boutiques that sell our goods throughout Canada, USA & France.

Fall Trend: Rose Gold

Perfect for fall, going rose is the latest trend in fine jewelry. I love the way rose gold flatters any skin tone and instantly gives you a creamy glow. Plus, it mixes beautifully with either silver or yellow gold, so it’s great for watches or rings you want to wear every day. Here are a few great finds to get you started!

Tri-color skinny stack by J. Lorlee Designbytes.

Twiggy open bangle by Our Family Jewels.

Forever fall earrings by Amor Orquidea.

Little Indulgences

Too often we get sucked into a downward spiral of pleasing others. Making sure your friends are happy, your family feels loved, you’re keeping up with everything you “should” be doing. All this outward focus makes it easy to lose track of yourself.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the importance of taking the time each day to do a little something nice for yourself. It can be as simple as indulging in a half hour of your favorite tv show, painting your nails (or allowing yourself not to worry about them!), picking up a sweet treat or going for a bike ride.

Inevitably these little indulgences will include a little shopping… for yourself! Not a garment that will make you look better at work or that someone else will think is cool, something you want just because it makes you happy. Here’s a selection of things that are making my list!

Full disclosure: I ordered this ring from PlastiCouture a couple weeks ago and it makes me smile every time I look down at my finger!

I don’t know what it is about mustaches, but they always make me chuckle. (The cartoon ones do anyway… real ones make me gag a little.) Funny mustaches made of sugar? Even better. Thank you Vintage Confections!

The curse of being Someone Who Makes Things and being friends with People Who Makes Things is having way too many Things That Sit On Shelves and Things That Hang On Walls, but you can bet if I didn’t I’d have one of these little owls from Fruit Fly Pie!

Cocktails & Crafts


I don’t have much time today, but I wanted to let you all know about a fabulous show happening this weekend that will feature etsy sellers from the Madison area. Here are just a few of the crafters involved:

Bare Tree Apparels Tasty Fish T-shirt — Owner and creator Sauls screenprints are the perfect combination of innovative design and superb craftsmanship.
Bare Tree Apparel's Tasty Fish T-shirt — Owner and creator Saul's screenprints are the perfect combination of innovative design and superb craftsmanship.

Bare Tree Apparel’s etsy shop

Little Dandelion Studios Little Bushel — Jess baskets are perfect for easter and upcoming summer picnics!
Little Dandelion Studio's Little Bushel — Jess' various styles of baskets are perfect for Easter or upcoming summer picnics!

Little Dandelion Studio’s etsy shop

Whimsey Houses Sunshine and Blue Skies — 
Whimsey House's Sunshine and Blue Skies — Whimsey House is chock full of jewelry made from vintage buttons, beads and findings. Every piece is so intricate, you could get lost!

Whimsey House’s etsy shop

Ring me

Internet, I’ve been keeping a secret from you. The boyfriend asked me to marry him a couple months ago. Now that we’ve finally set a date and booked the location, a good part of the stress is over and I get to move on to the fun parts like the dress and invitations!

Anyway, for Valentine’s day, Mike enlisted his brother to make something to replace the store’s ring box that I keep my ring in each night. David is a bit of a Jack of all artistic trades — ceramicist, woodworker, blacksmith, photographer — and he turned this lovely piece on his lathe.