Now I know my A B Cs

I first fell in love with Summerville‘s Alphabetty print when I was thinking about making some new throw pillows for my couch. I’m such a type nerd, why wouldn’t I want letterforms in my living room? I really admire her quirky illustration style and the colors she chooses to print them in. Enjoy her advice, fellow crafters!

Tell us about your work—why do you create what you do?
I specialised in print making at art school, and have always been interested in textiles and sewing, principally in quilt making. It made sense for me to produce fabric designs in small pieces for me and others people to use in their projects.

How did you learn your craft?
I learnt to screen print at school aged about 16. I took this skill with me to art school, then rediscovered it after i had children and decided to take it to another level by offering it for sale.

How has your work evolved?
The technique has evolved slightly – I still draw my designs using pen and paper, but now i tend to use photoshop to help me repeat the designs after scanning them in.

What is your greatest challenge?
Trying to keep off Twitter, haha. I find school holidays a challenge, but both my boys have grown up knowing they have an easily distracted mother, so they’re pretty good at letting me get on with things.

What inspires you?
Living on a farm, the countryside, leaves and flowers, charity (thrift) shops, old ceramics and fabric, good design, colours that clash a little, Elle Decoration UK & Living ETC.

Tell us about your etsy business.
I discovered Etsy after discovering the design blogs Decor8 and DesignSponge – Both Holly and Grace are big advocators of the site, and I was blown away to find it. I spent hours trawling through the work for sale, this must have been around 2006/07. At the time I was making paper collages and opened up an Etsy shop called ‘Lusummers’ selling them. I did this for about a year—juggling little kids with making—but once I started screen printing again, I shut that shop and opened ‘Summersville’. I don’t think I made too many mistakes although I didn’t know too much about photography, I quickly learned that to make good sales I’d have to have some great shots. I was lucky though – with both shops I’d only been open a day before having a sale. Etsy is my main source of income, but I wouldn’t describe it as totally full time. Three quarters maybe.

Where can readers find your work?
Obviously at and I’m working with a web designer to create where I’ll have my own web shop. Although I’ll still be shipping worldwide, I want to attract more UK shoppers as most of my customers are in the States. I also have a few things for sale at internet shops and

What advice do you have for new etsians?
Just one piece of advice: Do awesome, clear images. There are hundreds and hundreds of tutorials out there to help you improve your photographic skills. Get that right and your work will sell itself!

Wash your hands!

Maybe it’s a ridiculous thing to get hung up on, but the new disposable hand towels from Kleenex really irk me. A public restroom is one thing, but you really can’t share a towel with the people you live with? Here are some fabulous alternatives!

First up, for the kitchen:

Coffee is one of life great pleasures (read: my greatest vice) and this flour sack tea towel is perfect for the java lover in your life. The illustrations have such a lovely quality—imperfect but clearly purposeful.

Another flour sack towel—have I mentioned how amazing these are in the kitchen?—this one emblazoned with an aqua banana-seat bicycle. This one just happens to go with my plans for the decor of our new kitchen…just sayin’

And for the bathroom:

Infuse your lavatory with just a little bit of punk—these hand-appliqued towels are just the thing!

If you just can’t bring yourself share a towel, this embroidered number ought to keep your hubby’s grubby mitts off. Love ’em!

Shop Local: St. Louis

Full of little shops and restaurants and seemingly very supportive of the handmade scene, St. Louis is on my short list of cities to explore. In the meantime, here are a few of the talented folks who make the city their home.

Wallpaper Patterned Scarf from the Bungaloo
Wallpaper Patterned Scarf from the Bungaloo

The Bungaloo is a screenprinting studio plastering everything from tee shirts to journals with its intricate and beautiful designs. Each piece is screenprinted by hand and totally fantastic!

Rosemary Mint Soap from Bella Luna
Rosemary Mint Soap from Bella Luna

Bella Luna‘s etsy shop boasts a bevy of pampering goods — from candles to lotion and soaps. Owner Shannon began making soap as a gentle cleansing alternative for her children who suffer from eczema and has branched out from there!

Mr Owlie - Brass Owl Pendant Wearing Monocle Steampunk Necklace by INdosteam
Mr Owlie - Brass Owl Pendant Wearing Monocle Steampunk Necklace by INdosteam

INdosteam is full of jewelry made from bits and pieces found at flea markets and vintage shops. The designs are inspired by the steampunk movement with an asian influence. I love this little owl!

Cocktails & Crafts


I don’t have much time today, but I wanted to let you all know about a fabulous show happening this weekend that will feature etsy sellers from the Madison area. Here are just a few of the crafters involved:

Bare Tree Apparels Tasty Fish T-shirt — Owner and creator Sauls screenprints are the perfect combination of innovative design and superb craftsmanship.
Bare Tree Apparel's Tasty Fish T-shirt — Owner and creator Saul's screenprints are the perfect combination of innovative design and superb craftsmanship.

Bare Tree Apparel’s etsy shop

Little Dandelion Studios Little Bushel — Jess baskets are perfect for easter and upcoming summer picnics!
Little Dandelion Studio's Little Bushel — Jess' various styles of baskets are perfect for Easter or upcoming summer picnics!

Little Dandelion Studio’s etsy shop

Whimsey Houses Sunshine and Blue Skies — 
Whimsey House's Sunshine and Blue Skies — Whimsey House is chock full of jewelry made from vintage buttons, beads and findings. Every piece is so intricate, you could get lost!

Whimsey House’s etsy shop

ava love

the bowling dress
the bowling dress

A great screenprinting and clothing design studio out of LA, ava love channels her poetic leanings into a beautiful clothing collection. Some pieces are 100% handmade and some simply embellished with her images, but they’re all lovely!

disco dress
disco dress