Floral Initials

initial_H_7197This project has been on my mind since I first started experimenting with paper flowers. I love letters and I love flowers, so why not combine them? Can’t think of one good reason, huh? Knew it.

Anyway, I started with a template of the letter, cut it out of chipboard, then added 2.5″ tall strips around the edges to make it three-dimensional. I filled the “box” with my handmade crepe-paper flowers, then added some extras and a bit of foliage to fill it out. I’m absolutely in love with the results!

initial_H_7200I made this “H” for a friend, who displays it on her nightstand (her photo is below), but I can also see these initials hanging on a gallery wall, or as the centerpiece of the front table at a wedding! An ampersand is also available! Check them all out here.


Ruffle Crochet

I like ruffles. Just ask my coworkers—I don’t think more than a day or two goes by that I don’t show up at the office in them. It was one of the things that drew me to this blanket, which I’ve made much progress on over the last few months! I’ve experimented with different techniques and I think I’ve finally figured out what works the best: Once you have your first row of stitches (in a circle), do two or three more rows at a two-to-one ratio—or even triple it if you want a lot of fullness—stitches, then finish it off with a one-to-one ratio of stitches in each row. Once you like the size, gather up the edges with a row of single crochets and you’re set!

Round and Round We Go

Inspired by this blanket—found where else but Pinterest—I’ve started crocheting again. The actual pattern is available online (just click on the image, it’s part of the Picasa gallery), but I’m not a fan of following patterns so I’m making it up as I go along! Here’s what I have done so far… I’ll keep posting progress reports, this one’s going to take a while!

Christmas 101: Shabby Chic Décor

Marked by time-tested furniture and feminine details, shabby chic holiday décor can be worked into a home that’s full of country charm or girly glitz—or as an unexpected addition to any home, from modern to traditional! With this much lace and frill, I prefer to keep things neutral in terms of color palatte… so here are my top picks!

Since I’m in an apartment this year, I’m not sure I’ll have a real tree (or even a plastic one), but I might make this lovely tulle number myself! Easy instructions are available here.

Fabric-wrapped ornaments are a welcome addition to any tree and I love the neutral tones and varying textures in these by Alice’s Looking Glass.

Perfect for when the whole family gathers around your table, this whimsical table runner by Emendee is made from vintage doilies that recall idyllic snowflakes.

A great addition to your tree or running down a staircase or across your mantel, these ruffled garlands are a lovely mix of sheer and soft with rugged and rustic. Easy tutorial here!

One more easy DIY idea courtesy of Annaboo’s House blog, these lovely votives can be tailored to your individual taste, whether you prefer simple glass cylinders or antique mason jars, delicate lace, vintage trim or twine simply wrapped around the container. They look even better when the votives inside are lit!