Tickled Pink Knits

It’s starting to get cold here. The thing I hate about Wisconsin is that one day it can be in the high 70s and the next it will barely hit 50 — the weather doesn’t give you time to get used to the fact that it might be winter soon. However, one of the few things I like about cold weather is getting to wear warm  clothes. So, all this week I’ll be featuring my favorite pieces or knitwear (and knitware!).

Paloma Shoulderette

One of my very favorites is Tickled Pink Knits by Elena out of New York. Her pieces have such a wonderful romantic flair, and yet they’re still practical enough to really wear. They’re almost all made custom (and you can get them in a ton of colors), so if you want them by the time it’s really cold place your orders now!

Rococo Shawl
Rococo Shawl