Happy Friday!

First and foremost, this is what I see from my window. Spring is wonderful.

Second, since this is the first day for many many days that I got to quit working at quitting time, I got to catch up on my favorite blog. There are not so many people who can make me laugh and make me cry in such rapid succession and feel better for it afterward. Have a great weekend!


The days are getting longer. Every day this week, I’ve gotten up with the sun and every morning I’ve sent a little thank you out into the universe for letting me wake with such joy. It’s funny how each year, just at the point when you think you just can’t stand the dark and the cold any longer, winter releases its grip and almost overnight it’s spring. I’m so thankful we had a short and mild winter, I’m not sure I could have held out much longer this year.

I’ve been working on a series of prints to celebrate. It’s a small reminder to myself to take a moment to be grateful, to enjoy what nature has to offer, to see the beauty in everything around me. Wake up five minutes early tomorrow morning, before you’re rushing to get ready, while your world is still quiet. Really look at your surroundings, take them in and be grateful for them. The world is a beautiful place.