An old soul

My sisters like to call me an old soul. I wouldn’t define my style as retro by any standards, but I do like old things: Bess, my press, old houses, repurposed furniture, and lately, heirloom crafts. In the last couple weeks, I’ve rediscovered my love for embroidery. I’m not going to lie to you—it’s putsy and incredibly slow, but there’s something lovely about single strands of glossy thread laying just right against a fabric. Plus, I’ve been trying to pare down the amount of stuff I own—and this is the perfect thing to create so as not to accumulate even more!

This morning I thought I’d share a few of the embroiderers who are inspiring me—enjoy, and look for new work from yours truly soon!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: I’m a typography nut. Typography-inspired embroidery has been my latest project… and while I’m still working out the kinks, I love it! Look for new work in the shop soon, otherwise I found the examples above on Pinterest!

I always admire artists who can create something truly abstract, as that’s something I struggle with. I beleive art has to be made with purpose in order to be art, so I have a difficult time just working with pattern or texture and no subject. I love this simple color progression from Sometimes I Swirl. I say simple because the design is clean and modern and the stitch is repetitive—but after my recent projects, I know this took a lot of work!

There’s something weird and wonderful about a technical drawing reproduced in thread—or any unexpected medium really. Why wouldn’t you want a 9 inch illustration of a Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion Car on your wall? I can’t think of a single reason.

Last but not least, something a little more traditional. I love simple and clean traditional motifs—they always look modern but can work in with any decor style. This miniature version in the form of a brooch by Skrynka is a great example. I told you I was an old soul!

And finally, my own embroidered wallhanging was included in several treasuries not too long ago. Thanks to Lotus and Janneke Hoekstra for the inclusions!

Blogged & Treasured

Well, this is long overdue, but way back in May, Stephanie of Mostaza Seed blogged about my recipes cards. I’ve gone back to her site time and time again since then—she really does have a great eye for curating all the wonderful work out there. Thanks Stephanie!

It seems plum is the color of the season—my plum and silver frame card was featured in Jennifer of Craftrimony‘s treasury as well as lunahoo’s treasury. Gorgeous picks, and thanks ladies!

Silver Frame letterpress thank you card
Silver Frame letterpress thank you card


Thanks to Prairie Mud Studio for including me in her lovely prairie-themed treasury! It’s an honor to be included along with such lovely pieces.

If you’ve never explored the treasury feature of, you’re in for a treat (or new addiction, if you’re like me). Etsy users post collections of their favorite handmade items, often centered around some sort of theme or color scheme. It’s a great way to shop — almost like having a curator for your shopping experience!