Chloe & Vanessa’s Hybrid Wedding Invitations

Chloe and Vanessa got married today under a big old tree in Spring Green, WI. When we started talking about their invitations early this year, they wanted that beautiful tree to feature prominently in their invitations, and were drawn to the look of watercolor as well as the luxurious tactile quality of letterpress.

Although some printers have created a watercolor-like look via multi-color (read: expensive) letterpress printing, I knew a hybrid method of offset and letterpress printing would be perfect for this project!

The design began with an old botanical sketch of an oak tree, which I laid a green watercolor wash into for their invitation. The small informational text was also printed digitally to allow the couples’ names to be printed with a super deep impression in the gorgeous cream cotton paper.

We let the watercolor shine on the information-only enclosure—the couple decided online RSVPs were the way to go—and a hand-drawn map by the bride shows off well known artistic tourist attractions such as American Players Theatre and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin along with the wedding venue.

Congratulations Chloe and Vanessa, and thank you so much for making me a small part of your big day! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

It’s Business Time

I designed and printed two very different business cards about a month ago. Gretel’s design is asymmetrical and nature-inspired, while Alison went with a clean and simple centered design. Either way, I think they both turned out great!

hi tree

little tiny maple tree
little tiny maple tree

Here’s your daily dose of cuteness: Perfect for any-aged kid or tree hugger, these adorable toys and pillows are hand sewn from wool felt. The owner’s daughter says “hi!” to every tree she sees, hence the company name hi tree!

Hi Mr. Oak Tree
Hi Mr. Oak Tree