July & August Card Club

Summer is finally in full swing! (I don’t want to complain but HOLY CRAP IT’S SO HOT MY BODY IS JUST A PILE OF SWEAT AHHHH!) July and August’s Card Club deliveries were chock full of beach vibes and backyard scenes printed in saturated colors perfect for the season.

I’ve already got some fun picks in mind for September, so make sure to join the club by August 20!

Coming in Hot: Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! You guys already know I have a bunch of awesome heartfelt cards in the shop, and that a bouquet of paper flowers would make an even better gift than real ones on the big day, so the only thing left to remind you about is to order before the end of January in order to receive them on time! Happy shopping!


Remember how almost two years ago I asked you to submit quotes you’d like to see printed? And then remember how life got all sorts of crazy and I never got around to printing them? That was awesome. (Please tell me you all got the Chris Farley reference.)

Anyway, finally got around to printing the first one…no guarantees the second will be done in less time. You can purchase here. And yes, Sarah, you have a couple headed your way! It might take me while but I keep my promises.

Keeping with the theme, I gave my mom a stack of blank cards last year for Mother’s Day and told her I’d print whatever she wanted on them. Just finally finished those up as well! Most of them went to good ol’ Marge, but there are a few extras available here.