Real Wedding: Krista & Chris

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Apologies if you’re sick of hearing about Krista and Chris’ wedding (or if you haven’t, check out the story behind their stationery here and here), but when I saw Sara Smile’s gorgeous photography from the big day, I knew I just had to share.


I’ll let Krista tell you their story in her own words.

“The ideas and concepts all came together so well on our big day. The color palette of greys, pinks, and blues in the flowers coupled with the green grass and grey skies the day of the wedding was a breathtaking combination. The opaque light from the sky made the flowers and bridesmaid dresses stand out so much more than we anticipated. We didn’t mind the overcast day at all, in fact, it added a bit of drama to the ambiance of the day.”


“The growlers filled with flowers, beer caps, and twinkling lights inside were a fun combination that added to the playfulness of the day. We absolutely loved our wedding!” The table above features another project I made for the couple: A custom coaster garland, watercolor painted to match their color scheme and letterpress printed. I love when clients include me in their brainstorming—great things result!


This photo doesn’t have anything to do with my part in the wedding, but I just loved it and asked Krista the story behind the shot: “Our wedding fell on the weekend of mothers day, so we wanted to make our mothers feel extra special on our big day. The pin on my bridal bouquet was my grandmothers on my mothers side. The three generations of hands included my mothers, grandmothers on my father side, and mine. During the ceremony, we had our mothers hold our wedding rings. We joked that we didn’t trust the best man to hold them, but really we wanted to honor our mothers who had played such an important part in shaping the people we are today. Holding the rings was a way of warming them with love, support, and well wished for our wedding.”


Back to my favorite piece of stationery I designed for the couple—which was totally Krista’s idea:

“Often times at weddings we find that people write the same thing over and over again in the guest book. We wanted our guest book to be fun and interactive, and the mad libs idea was the perfect fit for this! Almost all of our guests filled it out, some people even filled out two. The best part was that no two were the same. We were able to make the guest book entertaining for people to fill out, and our guests left us some hilarious advice at the end of the mad libs as well. We plan to make a book out of all the response and leave it on our coffee table to reminisce over for years to come!”


Love and laughter for years to come—I’ll cheers to that!




2016: All Pink Everything

Officially, Pantone named two colors of the year for 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity (which is a sort of pastel blue), but so far from where I stand it’s been all about lovely shades of blush pink.

First, bride-to-be Krista got in touch. I had designed and printed her save the date coasters last year and they were some of my favorites, so I was thrilled to hear from her! I’ll do a bigger reveal after their wedding day, but here’s a sneak peek of their dusty rose wrap that holds all the invitation elements together.


Another bride from last year got in touch just after Krista. The future Mrs. O’Brien went for a more formal design for her wedding stationery, which features the same pink filigree pattern, gold family crest and formal script as her save the dates. Her invitations are hot off the press (and drying all over my house) as I type, so I don’t even have a sneak peek for you yet, but stay tuned!


I’ve also been working on non-letterpress wedding invitations lately. I’ve been thinking about offering less expensive options for a while now, since not every bride can or wants to spend several hundred (or more) dollars on their invitations. And, as smaller celebrations become more popular, the price-per-invite goes up, since the initial supply costs for letterpress work are so high. Although personally I still think it’s totally worth it!

I recently connected with a photographer via The Rising Tide Society that offered to shoot some of my new invites! Nicole over at Simply Charming Pictures did a great job, I can’t wait to share the rest of her work! Watercolor invitations aren’t yet available online, but get in touch if you’re interested!


As I was finishing up those big wedding projects, a new mom got in touch via Etsy about invitations for her baby girl’s first birthday party. She loved my Watercolor Ombre Fill-in Invitations, but wondered if I could make them in pink and gold instead… to which I said of course! I knew I would love the results, so I made an extra set to list in the shop—find them here!

pink_ombre_watercolor_1169And finally, I’ve finally started ordering a few new printing plates for my own projects. You may have noticed I didn’t launch as many new cards last year. When I first moved, I was so excited to have so much time for letterpress work that I may have gone a little crazy and printed all the cards I’d had bouncing around my head for years but never had the time to print, and my stock got a little out of hand. Not only do I have limited space to store everything, but it’s difficult to keep track of nearly 200 different designs!

Someday when I have my own shop, I’ll be able to maintain that kind of inventory, but for the time being, I needed to pare things down. I’m finally at a place now where enough designs have sold out so I’m ready to create some new work!

Mr_and_Mrs_1193Far and away my favorite of the new fonts I bought a few months back is this beautiful modern calligraphy typeface. It’s perfect for wedding season! My “Mr & Mrs” cards have always been popular, but I’ve been feeling like the design needed an upgrade, so I designed these! Pick up a set here. I also wanted to created a new design that would not only work for weddings (and not even same-sex unions at that), but any joyous occasion—birthdays, adoption, engagement, graduation… you name it, this card works. Available in blush here, but I’m thinking of printing them in lots of colors… feel free to comment with what you’d like to see next!ohhappyday_1199