Bouquets and Bunches


Is there anything better than an armful of colorful blooms? I don’t think so, especially when they are lovingly handmade and last forever. So when I got together with Adi of Ballyknock Photo, I brought a bunch of bouquets along with the crowns from my last post. white_arrangement_5r0a7572

This monochromatic arrangement was actually a commission for a wedding show and was shipped out the day after it was photographed. Since the blooms were all whites and creams, I wanted to create interest with a variety of flower types and textures, especially in the foliage by incorporating paper evergreens, succulents and branches berries in with my hand-dyed leaves.white_arrangement_5r0a7606

burgundy_bouquet_5r0a7372 When I was home this fall, I splurged on a super fancy Italian crepe paper in a gorgeous merlot color. It looks so beautiful with reds, fuchsias, purples… pretty much everything. I love this bouquet! bike_5r0a7851I wanted to try a few shots with my scooter, and they turned out even better than I imagined! My model thought I was crazy, but I just love these funky boots with her beautiful lace tea-length gown. bike_5r0a7796

While I love color, I really enjoyed putting together this more traditional bridal bouquet of whites and pinks. Shop all flowers here!




The days are getting longer. Every day this week, I’ve gotten up with the sun and every morning I’ve sent a little thank you out into the universe for letting me wake with such joy. It’s funny how each year, just at the point when you think you just can’t stand the dark and the cold any longer, winter releases its grip and almost overnight it’s spring. I’m so thankful we had a short and mild winter, I’m not sure I could have held out much longer this year.

I’ve been working on a series of prints to celebrate. It’s a small reminder to myself to take a moment to be grateful, to enjoy what nature has to offer, to see the beauty in everything around me. Wake up five minutes early tomorrow morning, before you’re rushing to get ready, while your world is still quiet. Really look at your surroundings, take them in and be grateful for them. The world is a beautiful place.


Well kids, it’s officially November. Believe me, I checked. Twice. I don’t know where summer or even fall went, but I do know that we’re working on the December issue of BRAVA, so that means I had better get my act together and get some holiday cards out!

Now available in the 622 press shop: several different colors of ornaments, a vintage “Fifth Day of Christmas” print and the PEACE tree card below. Enjoy and have a happy November!