Everlasting flowers

large_bouquet_8561It took a little longer than anticipated, but handmade crepe paper flower bouquets are finally here! Available in small, medium and large, they’re the perfect gift for any occasion. And how great would one be for a wedding? Either for the bride—so she can keep her bouquet fresh forever—or for a special favor to the lucky lady who catches the toss bouquet!

medium_bouquet_8544Each arrangement is made to order in colors of your choice, and I’ve included a few of my favorite combinations in the listing description if you’re feeling stuck. Check them all out here!

small_bouquet_7168 large_bouquet_8552

Easy Street Studio

Reason photo montage
"Reason" photo montage

Tamara Kane of Easy Street Studio creates beautiful and evocative images by digitally combining two or more photographs. The images ebb and flow and seamlessly intertwine, revealing the spontaneity  with which she works. She says, “There isn’t a whole lot of planning that goes into them. They come to me and when they do I work with a sense of urgency while I have the idea still flowing in a clear way. I think this is one of the reasons that I prefer this medium because I can work quickly and not risk losing the ‘moment’.”

Kayla II photo montage
"Kayla II" photo montage