622 Studio is here!

While I was away, 622 press turned seven! This year to celebrate our birthday, I’ve launched 622 Studio: the digital version of the brick-and-mortar shop I want to have someday. Now, instead of just printed goods and stationery, I’ll be selling everything I create—textiles, art, crochet accessories, paper flowers and more—in my etsy shop!

The first new product line I launched last week are my new paper flowers! Each one is made from sheet of crepe paper that I’ve cut and molded into individual petals, then assembled around a wire stem. I add a sepal and wrap the stem with floral tape, sculpt the petals a bit more, and voila! A gorgeous flower that remains fresh all year long.

single_peony_7540I loved figuring out the structure of each different bloom and shaping the petals to be as lifelike as possible. In the shop you’ll find individual blooms (perfect for home decor and craft projects!), ready-to-go bouquets and home decor. I’ll also be offering wedding services soon!

small-bouquet_7172adventure_P30The other new product line I’ve launched thus far is digital art prints! I’ve shared a little bit of my watercolor work and hand-lettering here, and this is what it’s all been working toward. I scan the artwork from my sketchbook, do some photoshop and vector work and then combine them into a design I’d love to hang on my wall.

jetaime_P4The best part about these prints is that they’re inexpensive and instantaneous: All you have to do is purchase them in my etsy shop and either print the jpg that arrives in your inbox on your home photo printer or send them over to Kinko’s, Walgreens, etc., then pop them in a frame!



I am not a cold weather person. Each winter, I try my hardest not to brave the frigid temps and fluffy white stuff that inevitably turns into nasty wet slush. Blame cabin fever or just the instinct to feather my nest, but as this time of year rolls around, I find myself taking up all sorts of cozy craft projects. While usually copious amounts of crocheting fulfills this urge, this year I was inspired to teach myself something new: the art of making felt flowers. Plus, every room in my house already has a color-coordinated afghan or two, and the households of my immediate family are quickly approaching maximum blanket capacity as well.

I know there are a lot of simple circle flowers out there in craft-land, but I wanted to take it to the next level and create something that actually resembled the anatomy of a real flower. Turns out, this entails cutting lots of individual petals and sewing them and many tiny beads by hand. Thus far, I’ve figured out a dahlia, poinsettia, mum, daisy and another four-petaled creation that I’ll admit probably doesn’t exist in nature. Nonetheless, creating them is a welcome change of pace—and the finished product takes up much less space in my house than a full-sized afghan!

I’m keeping some pieces just for myself, but the rest of the fruits of my labor are available here.