Little Sapling Toys

Several months ago, I started doing some graphic design work for a company out of Eureka, CA called Little Sapling Toys. Nick and Kimber are a husband and wife team who create beautiful rattles, teething rings and toys for toddlers. All of their work is made from reclaimed or FSC Certified hardwood that has been shaped, sanded super smooth and some are finished with beeswax. If I had kids I would rather they chew on that than plastic or something covered in polyurethane. Their work is absolutely beautiful — works of art. Plus (WARNING: shameless self-promotion) they have a great logo! You can learn more about the company here, purchase their work here, and learn more about their family here.

Maple/Khaya wood rattle with curvy handle
Maple/Khaya wood rattle with curvy handle
Maple/Walnut wood stacking toy
Maple/Walnut wood stacking toy

Hello Crafty

How adorable is this soap? Cute as a button perhaps? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But seriously, I just love this soap made by Bonnie at Hello Crafty. The coolest part? You choose the fragrance (or lack there of), color and soap base and she makes it especially for you — neat!

Budan Art

Spring Shadows
"Spring Shadows"

Mandy Budan is one of the most interesting painters I have come across in quite some time. She abstracts nature into shapes that are simultaneously geometric and organic and has an excellent eye for combining color. I’m saving up for a set of four of her “chunky prints.” I just love her work!

September Pattern
"September Pattern"

Domestic Construction


I’m sorry, do you know anyone who doesn’t need the above lights in their house? Because I do not. And you know who needs them most of all? ME!

I love with the interplay of light and color in the transparent cups above and the quaintness of the more traditional teacups below. What’s more, the amazing duo (Maureen and Trish) responsible for all this fabulousness does tons of other great work too, which you can check out here.

"ted" and another "gerry" in white
"ted" and another "gerry" in white

Purchases & Productivity

Left to right: A funky vintage owl cut, wood type, vintage world cut.

Yesterday, I drove to Racine to purchase some letterpress paraphernalia I found (once again) on craigslist. Tom had a TON of stuff, all in really great condition, and I got two drawers of lead type, an assortment of large wood type (that I cannot wait to try out) and several vintage cuts (technical term for blocks with images on them). I can’t wait to get printing!

I also got a ton of printing done this weekend. I finished up all four holiday card runs that I had started (more to come on that later this week) and completed two custom orders, below. On the left, Save the Dates that the bride, a graphic designer, designed herself, which are probably the best technically correct printing I’ve put out to date–they’re lovely. And then on the right are some earring cards for Ashley Akers Jewelry.

Custom pieces
Custom pieces