Little Sapling Toys

Several months ago, I started doing some graphic design work for a company out of Eureka, CA called Little Sapling Toys. Nick and Kimber are a husband and wife team who create beautiful rattles, teething rings and toys for toddlers. All of their work is made from reclaimed or FSC Certified hardwood that has been shaped, sanded super smooth and some are finished with beeswax. If I had kids I would rather they chew on that than plastic or something covered in polyurethane. Their work is absolutely beautiful — works of art. Plus (WARNING: shameless self-promotion) they have a great logo! You can learn more about the company here, purchase their work here, and learn more about their family here.

Maple/Khaya wood rattle with curvy handle
Maple/Khaya wood rattle with curvy handle
Maple/Walnut wood stacking toy
Maple/Walnut wood stacking toy

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