Grand Array

Hannah Stouffers illustrations in a Secret deoderant ad campaign
Hannah Stouffer's illustrations in a Secret deoderant ad campaign

Lately, I’m loving the commercial design trend toward illustration that looks as though it stumbled out of someone’s sketchbook. It’s great that ad firms are finally able to say, “Yes, this was made by an actual human being and it’s beautiful” and I think it speaks to a desire of consumers as a whole to want to know their merchandise was made with care by a person, not a machine.

Hannah Stouffer is one of the top illustrators driving this trend. Little did I know as I was simultaneously admiring Secret deodorant’s latest ad campaign (above) and Grand Array‘s screenprinted pillow (below) that they came from the same hand! Her work has such movement to it — and I’m a sucker for any well-drawn paisley or swirl illustration.

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