Shop Local: Chicago

You know who’s awfully crafty? The folks down in Chicago. I could probably blog for a year about Chicagoans’ handmade goods, but here are a few of my faves:

Maine Lichen Ringcatcher
five trees' Maine Lichen Ringcatcher

I crochet here and there — I’ve made several blankets and more scarves than I can wear in a winter — but that’s nothing compared to five trees fiber arts. Amy’s shop is full of assorted neckwarming devices, of course, but what really sets her apart are her clusters of crochet bowls and stuffed critters. Something for Mom and Baby in the same shop — love it!

five trees Maxwell
five trees' Maxwell

Also using fiber — this time of the fabric variety — is cookoorikoo. I love this necklace made of fabric yo-yos: now that is a statement piece!

cookoorikoos partly sunny yo-yo necklace
cookoorikoo's partly sunny yo-yo necklace

And one more for the kids: Les Tissus Bows. Handmade bows, nursing necklaces, children’s decor and more all handmade by owner Heather. I just love the fluffy hand-trimmed tutus — enough to make any terrible two-year-old look like an angel!

Les Tissus Bows tutu
Les Tissus Bows' tutu

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