A Alicia Accessories

Anna Alicia’s etsy shop is filled with fantastic clusters of felt flowers to adorn everything from your clothing to your home. Each bloom is made by cutting individual petals and sewing them together, then assembling the flowers into an elegant mass.

Of her work, Anna Alicia says, “I wanted to make something that could really change an outfit but that could also be worn in lots of different ways. I’m hugely inspired by Japanese craft, in particular Kanzashi flower hair accessories, and also by vintage fashion and jewelery.”

I love the delicate sculptural quality of the pieces, but by far my favorite aspect of her work are the fantastically unexpected color combinations she creates. “[They] are key to my designs, and I’m always intrigued to see which are most popular. My color inspiration comes from all over — painting, fashion, nature…” she says. Keep ’em coming — your pieces inspire me!

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