Tiffany & Co. key necklaces
Tiffany & Co. key necklaces

I can’t get enough of Tiffany & Co.‘s new collection of vintage-looking key necklaces. They’re just so chic and classic . . . and expensive. Until I can afford the real thing, I found a number of affordable handmade alternatives. While they may not be fine jewelry, add a chain and they’re just as chic.

Laser-cut painted wood keys made by Pork Shop Show.

Vintage metal keys available at Tiny Minds.

Skeleton Key necklace from Tenielle Design.

One thought on “Keys

  1. I love the last one! That’s so funny you posted about keys … they’re totally on my wish list for accessories. Maybe someday I can treat myself to the Tiffany’s one? Maybe not … :)

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