Gold & Citrus

I just got my  latest Harper’s Bazaar (thank you, address forwarding). The pages were filled with fantastic metallic pieces that are heavier for fall. Then I came back to my computer and logged on to etsy to see — what else? — fashion-forward gold necklaces!

Gold & Citrus is the online storefront for Sara Rossbach from San Francisco. I love the way “Mandarin” (above) has a shape similar to the ever-present bib necklaces but is lighter and full of movement.

Of her work, Sara says, “If I had to pick one word that my jewelry is about, or inspired by, I would say versatility. For some of the pieces this means that it can be worn with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a cocktail dress, while others take the concept of versatility even a step further and can be worn in multiple positions. My “scarf necklaces” [above], can be worn at least 4 different ways. You can drape them, toss one end over your shoulder, tie them, knot them… whatever! It’s all about options, and being creative.”

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