Sweater pillow


Accidentally put your favorite wool sweater in the dryer? Don’t shed a tear—you may not be able to wear it anymore, but your living room will be better for it! I made this funky argyle pillow cover from one that used to fit the fiancé (oops).

•pillow form that’s the same width as sweater
•straight pins
•sewing machine (a serger would be better, but if you sew over your seams twice you should be good to go!)

Step 1: Turn the sweater inside out. Lay flat and pin the sweater’s front and back together at the shoulders and neck.

Step 2: Break out the sewing machine and continue the existing side seams up to the top of the shoulders.

Step 3: Measure the height of your pillow form and mark that length from the bottom of the sweater. Sew straight across (perpendicular to your other seams) at the mark. Cut off extra material above the seam and on either side (the sleeves).

Step 4: Sew about 1/3 of the way in from each side along the bottom of the sweater.

Step 5: Turn the square inside out, stuff pillow form inside.

Step 6: Hand sew the remaining opening and viola! There’s a snappy new pillow in your home!

P.S. That’s my new chair from Iconi Interiors!

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