you & me part 2: Flowers

From the moment we announced our engagement, friends and family began loading me up with bridal magazines. I fell in love with the Picasso calla lilies featured in one such publication. I also knew I wanted a modern, single flower, tightly packed bouquet. Simple, right?

Wrong. Apparently, callas are one of the more expensive flowers commonly available. And because of the style of bouquet I wanted, we needed a lot of them. Oh, and even though the florist didn’t have to do much, he would double the price of the flowers to account for his labor.

Much to my mom’s chagrin, I decided to order the flowers through an online wholesaler and make the bouquets myself. Come on, I took floral arranging in 4-H!

I know you’re all waiting for a hilarious tale of mishap after mishap, but sorry. The flowers arrived on time and in perfect condition, arranging them was easy and they stood up for the entire reception (and the gift opening the following day!). Oh, and going the DIY route saved me several hundred dollars!

Photos by Captured Moments photo & video.

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