I hereby promise this will be my last post concerning Miss Mollie Shambeau Busby for a while! Last weekend was her ah-maze-ing wedding and I just have to brag a little about my gift! I went off-registry—gasp!—and printed Sean and Mollie custom stationery featuring their new family crest of sorts. I don’t often go so traditional when I design, but it felt just right for this occasion. I of course printed extras of this lovely note, so if you’re loving this look, pick some up right here!

I’m so sad I was too rushed to take a quick picture of the wrapping before heading out, but let’s just say, it was so cute! I picked up a kraft-colored papier maché box that matched the envelopes perfectly, nestled the stack of cards snugly in striped tissue and wrapped the whole thing in yellow, orange and light blue ribbon. While I was printing her cards, I whipped up a special envelope covered in bees and slipped that between ribbons. There’s something about a really well-wrapped present that makes the gift inside all the more special!

Little Indulgences

Too often we get sucked into a downward spiral of pleasing others. Making sure your friends are happy, your family feels loved, you’re keeping up with everything you “should” be doing. All this outward focus makes it easy to lose track of yourself.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the importance of taking the time each day to do a little something nice for yourself. It can be as simple as indulging in a half hour of your favorite tv show, painting your nails (or allowing yourself not to worry about them!), picking up a sweet treat or going for a bike ride.

Inevitably these little indulgences will include a little shopping… for yourself! Not a garment that will make you look better at work or that someone else will think is cool, something you want just because it makes you happy. Here’s a selection of things that are making my list!

Full disclosure: I ordered this ring from PlastiCouture a couple weeks ago and it makes me smile every time I look down at my finger!

I don’t know what it is about mustaches, but they always make me chuckle. (The cartoon ones do anyway… real ones make me gag a little.) Funny mustaches made of sugar? Even better. Thank you Vintage Confections!

The curse of being Someone Who Makes Things and being friends with People Who Makes Things is having way too many Things That Sit On Shelves and Things That Hang On Walls, but you can bet if I didn’t I’d have one of these little owls from Fruit Fly Pie!

Biscuit Scout

Photo courtesy of fibesquad.wordpress.com

Have you experienced the phenomenon? You’re walking around your town and all of a sudden you see an everyday object covered in something bright… and fuzzy? No, it’s not graffiti, it’s yarn bombing.

Photo courtesy of twilighttaggers.blogspot.com

South African artist Lynn of Biscuit Scout has taken this idea to the next level, creating practical items for the home with whimsical knit covers. From light fixtures to armchairs, her modern chunky knitting style could make the perfect addition to your living room. Here she gives us a glimpse at how she got started, her challenges and advice.

Tell us about your work—why do you create what you do?
My washing machine was really old and had rust marks down its front. It looked very shabby and I was trying to figure out how to disguise it. I couldn’t paint it. I didn’t have a sewing machine to sew an outfit for it so I thought I’d knit one! I knew how to knit but hadn’t done since I was a teenager. I lied when I went to buy the wool – I said I needed enough to knit a blanket. And that started me up this path of knitting large things.

Do you intend for your pieces to be functional or simply function as sculpture?
A bit of both – a knitted article is not suitable for high traffic.

How difficult is it to mold your knitting to a 3-D form?
My Mom taught me to knit when I was about 6 years old. The beauty of knitting with wool is that it stretches so can be moulded to fit once you have the basic dimensions and shapes.

How are your materials sourced?
I’ve found a range of local wools which have a lot of natural colours which I like to work with. I’ve only worked with these and have recently added a range of beautiful and brighter colour cottons (Vinni’s) which are hand dyed by previously unemployed women.

How has your work evolved?
I’m still finding new things to knit. I’m busy sewing my first knitted handbag together at the moment. I hope to finish it today.

What is your greatest challenge?
The shipping costs from South Africa. Yikes!

What inspires you?
This may sound corny, but there is inspiration everywhere – it just depends on how you look at things.
Tell us about your etsy business.
My friend Shelley told me about Etsy about 4 years ago. I joined in April last year. I would love this to be my full time job, but as it takes so much time to knit each object, the finished project is quite expensive and this limits my sales. And then there’s the shipping costs!

Aside from your etsy shop, where can readers find your work?
www.biscuitscout.com (for South African readers – prices in Rands)

What advice do you have for new etsians?
Enjoy the community. There are so many amazing, talented and friendly people on Etsy.