I hereby promise this will be my last post concerning Miss Mollie Shambeau Busby for a while! Last weekend was her ah-maze-ing wedding and I just have to brag a little about my gift! I went off-registry—gasp!—and printed Sean and Mollie custom stationery featuring their new family crest of sorts. I don’t often go so traditional when I design, but it felt just right for this occasion. I of course printed extras of this lovely note, so if you’re loving this look, pick some up right here!

I’m so sad I was too rushed to take a quick picture of the wrapping before heading out, but let’s just say, it was so cute! I picked up a kraft-colored papier maché box that matched the envelopes perfectly, nestled the stack of cards snugly in striped tissue and wrapped the whole thing in yellow, orange and light blue ribbon. While I was printing her cards, I whipped up a special envelope covered in bees and slipped that between ribbons. There’s something about a really well-wrapped present that makes the gift inside all the more special!

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