Knitting II

Loyal readers know this about me from this post, as the weather gets colder, I cannot seem to help but be constantly creating. I’m sure the long hours spent indoors are partly to blame, but already I find my little fingers itching for a needle and thread or crochet hook.

So today, we turn to Mona, spinner of yarn and another woman with busy hands, for a little insight into her world.

Why do you create what you do?
I have always enjoyed be creative. I have been creative since I was a child. I taught myself first to embroider, then crochet, knit, spin, and weave. It was just  a natural evolution. My hands are always busy, and sometime sore.

How did you to learn to spin?
I am a self taught spinner. I started out on a drop spindle, then went to a kick wheel, and finally to a spinning wheel. I learned a lot from videos on You Tube, and also from reading about spinning.

 Where do you find wool in the modern age?
I order most of my wool from the Internet. Sometimes I buy wool at Art Festivals.

What is your greatest challenge?
Finding time to get everything done, and taking good photos. I have so much to learn yet about taking good photos of my products.

What inspires you?
I let everything inspire me. The sights, sounds, feel, taste, and smell of nature. I get inspiration from books and movies also. I can really find inspiration just about anywhere.

How did you discover
A knitting friend told me about Etsy. I started my shop in January of 2009, at first just selling mitten patterns, and stitch markers. I add new things all the time. Etsy is a part time gig for me, I take care of my 1-year-old grandson, who keeps me very very busy! You can also find all of my mitten and sock patterns here.

Best advice?
Make what you love. Oh, and take good photos!

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