Christmas 101: Colorful Mod Décor

The simplicity and clean lines of minimalist décor can certainly make a statement, but for the holidays why not turn up the volume with a little color? I love creating a palette beyond the expected red and green to include light blues, jewel tones and lots of metallics.

There’s something wonderful about being greeted by a wreath on a friend’s front door. This one is available here, or make your own with shatter-proof plastic ornaments and a hot glue gun.

These three-dimensional felt ornaments—which could also certainly be made from colorful paper—are interesting from every angle and look incredibly complicated. However, with a few simple cuts and a couple dots of glue, they seem to simply pop up from a flat pane! Instructions are available here.

I love the idea of hanging ornaments off the tree: In front of a window, from a light fixture, from the ceiling over your dining room table. The paper option above is super easy to make, instructions available here or here!

Easily worked into any theme, these laser-cut coasters are the latest addition to my own Christmas list! Love the phrase, love typography, love the felt!

Beyond stringing up a row of lights, it’s easy to forget about decorating the exterior of your home. These colored “glass” balls—dreamed up by Hurrayic—make for a fun pop against white snow and a great project to get your kids off the couch.

Gift guide: For the birds

Hello, my name is Kristin and I am addicted to bird-themed accessories. There’s a 12 step program for this, right? First step, admitting you have a problem. Truth be told, I have no less than two feather necklaces, one bird necklace, two pairs of feather earrings, a feather ring and a feather bracelet sitting on my dresser right now. Oh, and a feather-print dress in my closet. So anyway, I see no reason not to continue the theme!

We’ll start with something practical. This transparent resin bracelet by Rosella Resin features a polka dot feather from a spotted guinea fowl. It’s graphic enough to spice up any simple, modern ensemble, yet earthy enough to appeal to a granola girl as well.

Now for something a little more fanciful—amazing feather headpieces by Arturo Rios. I know hats are just starting to catch on over here in the U.S., but these are really just too beautiful to pass up. If you can’t imagine placing them on your head, what about on a table as your centerpiece or affixed to a light fixture in your home?

Feather hair extensions were very trendy this summer, but I think they’ll stick around for a couple more months. Many shops on etsy offer them, including this set from futska. I love the look, but I’m still trying to decide if they’re worth it! Luckily, these are so affordable it’s worth the gamble.

Gift guide: For the nerds

Let me just start out by saying, I do not mean ‘nerd’ to have any sort of negative connotation. I’m friends with lots of nerds (you know who you are) and most days, I’m one too! So, whether you’re really into books, computers, typography or whatever, rejoice! This guide’s for you.

First up, home decor. How do you let someone know the minute they enter your abode that you’re super into computers? (Unless, of course, your computer is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door… like me.) By PC-themed pillows courtesy of diffraction Fiber, of course. If you’re really really cool (…also like me) you’ll get the Mac version!

Cyberoptix shop offers nerdy neckties of all kinds: EEG brainwave patterns, circuit boards, topographical maps, Dadaist references… but my favorite of course features a typographical lorem ipsum pattern. Lorem ipsum is faux text designers use to fill copy space until the final edit is ready, one of those little things only another designer would get. Love it!

Ladies, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. If you’re looking for a ladylike way to sport your nerdery, check out these necklaces from Baby Loves Pink (above) and Baubles by Jill (below).

Of course, since old-school is the new cool, no nerdery would be complete without custom letterpress stationery. Pick up these cards featuring an awesome glasses illustration in the shop!


Whatever you do, make 2012 the year you own your nerdiness. You are who you are, you like what you like, and those you love will love you for it.

Christmas 101: Shabby Chic Décor

Marked by time-tested furniture and feminine details, shabby chic holiday décor can be worked into a home that’s full of country charm or girly glitz—or as an unexpected addition to any home, from modern to traditional! With this much lace and frill, I prefer to keep things neutral in terms of color palatte… so here are my top picks!

Since I’m in an apartment this year, I’m not sure I’ll have a real tree (or even a plastic one), but I might make this lovely tulle number myself! Easy instructions are available here.

Fabric-wrapped ornaments are a welcome addition to any tree and I love the neutral tones and varying textures in these by Alice’s Looking Glass.

Perfect for when the whole family gathers around your table, this whimsical table runner by Emendee is made from vintage doilies that recall idyllic snowflakes.

A great addition to your tree or running down a staircase or across your mantel, these ruffled garlands are a lovely mix of sheer and soft with rugged and rustic. Easy tutorial here!

One more easy DIY idea courtesy of Annaboo’s House blog, these lovely votives can be tailored to your individual taste, whether you prefer simple glass cylinders or antique mason jars, delicate lace, vintage trim or twine simply wrapped around the container. They look even better when the votives inside are lit!

Gift guide: For the foodie

One of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received was a wok filled with all the equipment and ingredients to make a variety of Asian meals—all packaged up with a cook book to tell me how to make them. The giver of this gift not only gave me something I’d been wanting—the wok—they gave me the gift of a hassle-free cooking experience by doing all the legwork for me. It didn’t cost a lot of money, but her thoughtfulness really made a difference.

I’m planning to present a variety of gift guides filled with beautiful handmade things your loved ones will enjoy. I encourage you to plan ahead, put a little extra thought into your gifts this holiday season and make your gifts truly matter to those you’re giving them to! Happy Giving!

I love having unique recipe cards. They help me remember exactly when and where I came across the recipe every time I make it. I recently made these sets of Buzzing Bee recipe cards—and I created them so each individual card is unique. The bees are placed in a different position on each and every card.

The way I would love to receive this gift, especially from my mom or another family member, would be to get two sets: One that’s filled with the giver’s favorite dishes, and one that’s blank to fill with my own! There is something so special about having a recipe from someone you love written in their own handwriting. Package up your recipes with some of the supplies below!

These sweet measuring spoons from Beehive Kitchenware make doling out the right amount of salt much more fun!

These mixing bowls by Charm LA are an original design that makes pouring a breeze. What’s more, the beautiful ceramic pieces are both microwave and dishwasher safe!

Once you’ve measured and mixed, you’ll need something to bake those goodies in. These adorable vintage bundt pans from Curate & Love are just the thing!