Hanging by a thread

As promised, here are my experiments in embroidery! I started by finishing a project I had started last winter… beleive it or not those satin stitches took FOREVER. I do love the results and have proudly listed it in my second etsy shop, although I’d be happy to keep it too! My first brand new design began with a monogram. I don’t think it was quite as successful, so I’m going to try the idea with a different stitch next.

But while I was still in love with French knots, I tried a few more things. Though I’ve embroidered before, I couldn’t remember how to do them (I found a great tutorial here!), and once I figured it out I was hooked! I started with my own color experiment in red.

Next up: combining those French knots with other stitches in a less abstract design. I’ve always loved poppies and I thought their black centers would be a fun way to work in texture to a piece. Red Poppy hoop available here! Stay tuned… I’m just waiting on more hoops to arrive in the mail and I’ll show you all what else I’ve been working on!

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