On the Road, Again

Creative types have a reputation—deserved or not—of being flighty. I’d like to introduce you to a couple artists who have spent the past year on the road… but have learned more about the commitment of seeing a project through than anything else.

Madison-based photography studio Paper Antler is about halfway through Fifty Nifty, their effort to shoot a wedding in every state to raise money for She Dances, a non-profit organization that provides holistic restoration for young girls who have been trafficked and sexually exploited. The Fifty Nifty donation will support a safe home in Honduras for one year. They still have dates available… book your wedding, let them stay at your place or donate directly today!

Power and Light Press, a letterpress studio based in Portland, has spent over 10 months cruising through 47 U.S. states and a few Canadian provinces in The Type Truck—a 1982 Chevy step van equipped with built-in type cabinets and workspace, a mid 20th century sign press and an 1873 Golding Official No. 3 tabletop platen press. The goal was to spread awareness of letterpress, renew interest in the artform and have a great time doing it! Mission accomplished.

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