New Prints on the Block

Having totally awesome new product photography has motivated me to finally get some new prints listed in my etsy shop!

kickass_purpleP39The first is a special request from a friend. She knew what she wanted it to say—wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat, with absolutely no punctuation—but not quite how she wanted it to look, so of course that’s where I came in! I started with a watercolor ombré background… which is basically my new favorite thing. Using several of my antique lead fonts, I printed the phrase in ever-so-slightly sparkly silver ink on top. She and I both love the results! I only printed two extra, and they are available here, but I’m also totally open to commissioned pieces in this style! Send me your favorite phrases!

bestdayever_P3The second is obviously one of the experimental pieces in the process of making these prints. I didn’t have much of the chipboard material, but I did really love the results, so I printed as many as I could—just five available in the shop!

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