The perfect graphic design client

Before I left on vacation, I wrapped up some projects I had been working on with with a Madison-based fashion blogger, photographer and jewelry designer. Those White Walls is where she shares her passions and talents with the world!

I designed an interactive media kit and new business cards for Ali, as well as cards for the jewelry business she shares with her mom. It was one of the most enjoyable design projects I’ve had in a while for many reasons. First, she had great raw materials to work with: short, snappy text (and not trying to fit too much on a page!) that was already split into sections to make it easy to work with, along with great photography courtesy of her boyfriend/professional photographer! Ali also has a clean aesthetic that totally jives with mine: simple and modern, well-structured with just a touch of whimsy to add interest.

I then added links to all her social media and websites so the pdf she sends out is completely seamless for her clients. Like what you see? I’m currently taking on new freelance clients! Get in touch here!


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